Winbond DRAM Memory Products

Winbond DRAM

Winbond has a long track record of semiconductor production at its own 12” wafer fabrication in Taiwan. The company continues to invest in new process technologies and equipment at its fab. After completing a migration from 46nm and 38nm to the Winbond 25nm and 25Snm process, Winbond do a further migration to 20nm in 2023.

Winbond DRAM product provides completed solutions, GP-Boot Series for AI, IoT, Mobility applications markets, supplying its products directly or via a global network of authorized distributors. Winbond’s portfolio of DRAM products extends beyond the latest, highest performance DDR3 and LPDDR4/4X devices to provide a comprehensive offering, to meet any requirement for low- and mid-density DRAM and low-power DRAM 

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