SAMSUNG Strategic product partner of the year 2023

Dear Partners,

We are delighted to announce that, at the annual conference hosted by the global SAMSUNG company in Germany, Data JCA Electronics, serving as the official representative of SAMSUNG since 1995, received recognition for its extensive activities throughout the year 2023.

For the fourth consecutive year, Data JC Electronics was acknowledged as an outstanding distributor, following its previous win for activities since 2020.

stands as the world’s largest FAB producer of Memory Components and Modules, spanning from the WAFER level to the component level, and full encompassing modules.

Specializing in FLASH and DRAM technologies, SAMSUNG dominates the global market with a market share exceeding 50%.
The Korean manufacturer leads in technology, boasting numerous fully-owned factories that provide development and production services for high-tech companies worldwide.

In the race for artificial intelligence development, SAMSUNG serves as a significant force, with Israel acting as a pivotal growth engine.

SAMSUNG, in collaboration with Data Jce Electronics  as the primary memory distributor in Israel, has made substantial investments and successfully implemented its products in various local high-tech companies.
These collaborations have yielded significant business and professional success.

The Award was granted by V.P. of Global Sales, presented the award on behalf of SAMSUNG to representatives of Data JCA Electronics.
This accolade symbolizes more than anything the outcome of a fruitful cooperation and excellent working relations spanning over three decades.

 Sharon Arlo


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