Harnessing the Powerof Wi-Fi 6 in the New Age of IoT

Harnessing the Power

The average household has more IoT devices than ever before, and wireless device manufacturers are tasked with keeping up with demand and setting the rules of engagement for emerging technologies. Their efforts in areas like battery life and device security will influence technology adoption today and long into the future. With rapid technological advancement, the variety of connected devices and application environments is exploding in all directions.
802.11ax, better known as Wi-Fi 6, is the newest standard designed to support Wi-Fi’s growing reputation as a core element of infrastructure today. Its release comes with a variety of features to improve throughput, increase network efficiency, and extend battery life, particularly in over-saturated networks. In this paper, we’ll cover the rapid evolution of Wi-Fi over the last two decades and dive into the value of Wi-Fi 6 for IoT devices.

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